How does Horizon use the money I donate?

Horizon operates on an annual budget that is approved by members of the church.  All donations received by Horizon go toward the budgeted operating expenses of Horizon’s ministry.

Horizon seeks transparency in the use of donations.  Copies of the operating budget are available upon request for all church members.  We want you to know exactly where and how we intend to use every dollar that is donated to Horizon.  To receive a copy of Horizon’s budget, contact the church office.

Horizon also presents several other causes in need of financial support.  You may always designate your financial gift to be used toward a specific cause.  These options include:

  • Horizon building capital fund (to manage costs associated with Horizon’s facility)
  • Benevolence fund (to be distributed among people with financial needs in our local community)
  • Tuition assistance fund (to help families who desire Christian school education for their children)
  • Missions (to be used in support of local and international missionaries and outreach efforts sponsored by Horizon)