[Re]Placing Church


If you look around our culture today, a slow shifting has happened to replace the church.

Church has been replaced with many other ways to make friends, spend time and find meaning.

We think it’s time to “replace” the church as well.

It’s time to [re]place the church as a disengaged institution,
back into a passionate gathering of people,
radically committed to loving God,
and loving our neighbors,
and changing our world.

It’s time to [re]place the church back into the center of our lives,
and the center of our community.

It’s time to [re]place the church as “just a building,”
and back into being the body of Jesus Christ.

This Spring we begin [Re]placing Church.

This series will take us through a book in the Bible called “Acts.”

We will go back to the birth of the church,
– What is the mission of the church?
– How does God work through the church?
– Why do we believe that the church is the hope of the world?

If you, or anyone you know, has struggled with the concept of church, this series will replace your hope.

Week by Week: [Re]Placing Church sermons

April 8: Acts 1: 1-11. The Promise Given (Ascension) – Listen Online
Jesus made a promise to his followers that sounded crazy- it was better for them that he goes. How could it be better with Jesus gone? Because he would send us the Holy Spirit, who would bring about spiritual rebirth and dwell in each and every follower of Jesus.

April 15: Acts 2: 1-13. The Promise Fulfilled (Pentecost) – Listen Online
The disciples did exactly what Jesus told them to do after his ascension- they waited. 10 days later the promise was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead was raising men and women to new life!

April 22: Acts 2: 14-41 The Promise Shared (Peter’s sermon)
The promise was fulfilled when a disciple named Peter shared the good news of Jesus, and more than 3000 people were spiritually reborn, and the church was given birth.

April 29: Acts 2: 42-47 The Promise Embodied (Marks of the church) – Listen Online
The church started fast, the church started big, and the church started changing the community immediately. What were the marks of the church at its birth and what do those marks look like for us today?

May 6: Acts 3: 1-10. The Promise Shatters Expectations (Peter’s second sermon) – Listen Online
Jesus taught with authority, performed miracles and changed people’s lives. But what about his followers? What about the church? Do the same rules apply, and if so, how?

May 13: Acts 4:1-31. The Promise Brings Boldness! (Praying for boldness) – Listen Online
Jesus was considered a revolutionary. What about his church? We might be shocked to discover what the church actually prayed for, and actually accomplished.

May 20: Acts 8:26-40. The Promise for Everyone (Philip and the Ethiopian)
How far would God’s love extend? Was it offered, even poured out, on people from different nations, of different colors, with different beliefs, and even different bodies? Could people far from God actually be welcomed into the church?

May 27: Acts 4:32-37. The Promise of Generosity – Listen Online
One of the marks of the early church was a radical generosity. Just as Jesus gave his life for those he loved, the church, from the start, gave radically to one another and to the communities they served.

June 3: Acts 9. The Promise Changes our Enemies (Saul’s Conversion) – Listen Online
God’s plans were just getting started. Jesus was going to take the most unlikely, and unworthy of individuals, and take his church to the ends of the earth.

June 10: Acts 10. The Promise Changes Us (Peter’s Conversion) – Listen Online
Is God’s plan to save us and move on? Or does he want more for us? Peter learns, after years of ministry and leading the church, that he had much to learn, and God was not done with him.

June 17: Acts 27-28. Shipwrecked! – Listen Online
When storms come into our life we tend to think that God has abandoned us. What if God is using the storm to get us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there?

June 24: Acts 15. Make it Easy! – Listen Online
In a crucial moment a decision had to be made – what was the mission of the church, and how could new people join?

July 1: Acts 16. The Story of Three Converts – Listen Online
Hear how the gospel touched three radically different lives – someone deeply religious, someone desperately oppressed, and someone decidedly secular.

July 8: Acts 17:1-21. The Upside Down Kingdom, pt.1 – Listen Online
It is said within the first generation of the church, “They turned the world upside down.” The were feeding the poor feeding the poor and taking care of the needy.  But many had a problem with what the church was saying.  Some people were thrilled.  Others were threatened. But nobody, and no culture, was left unchanged.

July 15: Acts 17:22-34. A World of Idols, pt.2 – Listen Online
We pick up the with the second half of Paul’s mission to Athens.  In the first part we learned what Paul “saw, felt and did.”  Now we learn about what he said.  Some have called this “the most profound statement of ultimate truth found anywhere in sacred scripture”.

July 22: Acts 13:52. Filled – Listen Online
Every year I (pastor George) choose a word and theme verse.  This year my word is “Filled” and it comes from Acts 13:52.  “The disciples were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.”  I want to talk with you about what is filling your life.  If it’s anything less than joy and the Holy Spirit, might I suggest a change for the second half of the year!

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