A Donkey, Palm Branches, and a King

March 11, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 19:28-40 |


OK, if you're a church nerd,
you're freaking out right now.

"Tomorrow is not Palm Sunday!?!?!"

If you're new to this stuff you're probably wondering,

"What is Palm Sunday and why bring them to worship!?!?!"

Fear not.
No need to bring any palms.
And as for the timing,
I'll explain.

This year I wanted to get a jump on the Easter season so we could spend more time in some key passages.

So while Palm Sunday usually takes place the week before Easter,
we're jumping in tomorrow.
We'll discover how the day/event helps us understand all the unfold Easter week.
(Yes, palms are involved in the story,
and yes, they have powerful symbolic meaning.)

Next Sunday, March 18th,
we'll meet with Jesus and the disciples for their last meal together,
and celebrate our communion as the body of Christ.

On March 25th we'll look to the cross,
and why Jesus had to die for salvation.

And of course,
we'll gather April 1, Easter Sunday,
to celebrate the resurrection!

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