Death Changes Everything

March 25, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 23 |


This Sunday at Horizon,
it's Friday.

Good Friday.

Once again our Church Calendar nerds are going crazy.
Remember that we jumped into Holy Week.
AKA, Easter Week
AKA, Passion Week
a month ago.

We've slowed down.
Walked with Jesus through these last days.
And tomorrow we come to Good Friday.

The day Jesus was betrayed, arrested, arraigned, beaten and crucified.
He died and was buried.

How can this be good?
Is the church ignorant, insensitive, or just insane?

It is Good Friday not because of happens to Jesus.
But because of what happens because of Jesus!!

Because of Jesus,
because of his sacrifice-

Death is defeated.
Sin is satisfied.
And we have eternal life!

Join us this Sunday
to look at what happens this Friday.

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