Prepared for the New Year?

January 7, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Luke 3:1-22 |


We learned three things about the greatness of John the Baptize:
- His Mission
- His Message
- His Motto

The greatness of his mission, "Prepare the way," is a mission we can all make our own.

Everyday we make it our mission to prepare the way of Jesus:
Prepare for Him to be present in your home.
Prepare your marriage by making him the center.
Prepare your family with a time in devotions at dinner.
Prepare the way in your places of work and play.

Expect each day, through faith, that as you make preparation, Jesus will show up.
- A conversation will turn to the bible or Jesus.
- Someone will ask for prayer.
- A door will be opened as an answer to your prayers.
Prepare the way, every day!

We embrace the greatness of his message, "Repent... and bear fruit in keeping with repentance."

This goes beyond Sunday morning and preaching.
The personal invitation to turn to Jesus is more powerful than anything else.
It's scary.
It takes boldness.
You might be rejected.
That's OK.
John was criticized, rejected and eventually killed.
Changes are it will never go that bad for you!

So share the good news: everyone can turn to Jesus for salvation.
And encourage everyone to live a life in accordance with that turn.
Bear the fruit of the Spirit and a life of holiness.

Everyone can take John's motto and make it her own, "He must increase, but I must decrease." John 3:30

I love the story of John and Jesus meeting in the womb.

John literally leaps when he comes into the presence of Jesus.
Both are so full of the Spirit that they can't help but react.

I hope that I can be so filled with the Spirit, that when I come into proximity with others filled with the Spirit, that our souls will spontaneously "leap" within us.

This is the key to greatness in the eyes of God:

Embrace John's mission- Prepare the way, everyday!

Preach John's message- Repent and be saved!

Make John's motto yours- "He must increase, but I must decrease."
John 3:30

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