The Upside Down Kingdom, pt.1

July 8, 2018 ()

Bible Text: Acts 17:1-21 |


This week in worship we covered the first part of Acts 17 and Paul's famous "Mars Hill" sermon in Athens. What strikes me about story is that Paul never intended it to happen.

Remember that Paul had seen a vision to go to Macedonia. And so he did. And he made some people mad. And they wanted him dead. So his friends Silas and Timothy put him on a boat and sent him to Athens to let things cool off.
He was derailed from his mission. He wanted to be "there," but he was stuck "here." He was forced to wait.

•  What do we do when we have to wait on God?
• What do we do when we are focused on getting there, but are stuck here?

We do like Paul did... we get on with living the mission! He walked the streets and saw the idols and discerned the problems. He was moved by seeing people flirting with spiritual disaster. He still went to the synagogue and preached. He went to the market place and preached. He ended up giving what many say is the best sermon every preached. And all of this happened when he was supposed to be "there" instead of "here."

Now don't get me wrong, it's great to have goals. And Paul did go back to Macedonia. But he wasted no time and seized the moment to still advance his mission. Today is the day to love God, love people, and do something! Make the call. Starting writing the book. Love your neighbor. Buy the plane ticket...

Look, I know too many people who spent their whole life- no, wasted their whole life- waiting for the next thing. Life was always going to be better "when": when they got out of school... when they got a job... when they got married... when they had kids... when they moved... and they woke up one day and realized they had wasted their whole life waiting for the next thing.

I urge you, don't waste your life. Make a plan. Set a goal. But don't miss today and the opportunity that God has placed in front of you.

Paul saw the need in Athens. He was moved to do something. He went to the market place and made an opportunity for himself. And next week we'll look into what exactly he said, and the difference it made!

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